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Whats my Home Worth?

Curious what price your home may sell for in this market.  

Selling Your Property

A Marketing Plan that sets us apart. Learn more below!


Your 30 Day Guide

Download Your Complimentary 30 Days to Sell Your Home Guide

Whats my Home Worth?

Curious what price your home may sell for in this market.  

Selling Your Property

A Marketing Plan that sets us apart.


Your 30 Day Guide

Download Your Complimentary 30 Days to Sell Your Home Guide

Seamless process!!

“David Sturm was amazing to work with. He answered our millions of questions no matter what time of day or what day it was and made the process so easy for us! I highly recommend him! He went above and beyond for us and he was so great at making himself so readily available it was very impressive. If you are looking for an honest, reliable, hardworking real estate agent that will go to great lengths for you look no further you’ve found him!”

- Erika J. | Home Seller

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Best Choice Realty’s vision is to provide the highest quality, most innovative technology, unsurpassed local expertise, and unparalleled Real Estate services anywhere in the Puget Sound. In today’s market, the best agent is one who understands how to utilize technology and one who is experienced in the local area. We’ve got you covered! We are proud partners with Best Choice Realty!

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    Sturm Properties Home Selling Video Series

    Check out this Home Selling Video Series. We hope this Home Buying Video Series is a helpful, plain language resource for selling a home.

    Selling Fast

    Selling Fast? Pricing your home properly is the key. Selling fast can happen.

    Pricing is by far the biggest mistake you could possibly make. If you don’t believe me and you think I’m trying to sell you on something just google search for ‘what’s the biggest mistake I could make as a seller?’ When the home is priced correctly, what’s going to happen is there will potentially be 100 buyers that are sitting on the fence waiting for the correct house to come on the market they are watching every new listing that comes on the market as soon as it comes on. So your first 7 to 10 days on the market you’re going to have potentially 100 eyes on your property right away going “I want to see that or I don’t want to see that”. After that you just got single buyers trickling in here and there trying to see if this house looks good or it doesn’t look good. So you want to originally appeal to the masses when you first come on the market with the right price. Then you will be selling fast.

    Marketing Your Home

    Marketing your home is more than just listing it for sale. Creative marketing gets your home sold.

    So if you remember earlier we talked about shopping for an agent and how to determine who’s good and who’s doing just the norm which is just putting a for sale sign out front with some flyers a few photos, do an open house. Then post it somewhere probably on the broker’s website. Kind of the bare minimum that you can do and that’s normal for most agents. Marketing your home is so much more.

    With above and beyond agents you get professional photos you get a professional video done you get a professional single property site that solely devoted to your house, you have print advertising that just blows other people out of the water plus custom for sale signs. Plus we utilize a unique form of real estate marketing strategy when selling your home that includes: Geotargeting, Social Media Advertising, YouTube, and other online platforms. All these little extras including staging and those are the things that you really need to look for in the agent that you’re going business within this market. No rock should be unturned.


    Be prepared to negotiate. These negotiation tips help.

    A lot of negotiations go along obtaining a home. We point out 3 different times this happens. The first is coming to terms. It would be great if on day one someone came in and gave us exactly what we wanted and said they close in our perfect timeline. Most likely that’s not gonna happen so be prepared to negotiate. A counteroffer simply allows us to go back and forth and get that figured out. The second time is that after the inspection a buyer’s going to come in they’re going to find something wrong. Assume that they’re going to find something wrong when that happens. Then they’re going to probably either ask us to fix it or ask us for credit to get it fixed. Then finally is the appraisal so the banks going to send an appraiser out to the house make sure that it’s actually worth with the buyer’s paying for it. For some reason, the appraisal might come back out below the financing needed. Then they need to re-negotiate the price or pay the difference out of their pocket or try to get us to pay that difference. So those are the 3 different times we negotiate. Just be prepared it’s going to happen and you’re going to have to negotiate. Negotiation is part of the process.

    Deciding To Move

    Selling your home – Deciding to Move! Tips for handling the emotional side of selling your home. Deciding to Move is an exciting time.

    Selling your home can be emotional. I mean you owned your house for years and you’ve made it your own. You’ve done the yard the exact way you always want it you made your kitchen the way that you perfectly wanted it to be now you think it’s worth a certain amount of money. You can easily get your emotions out of whack especially when the offer comes in that not what you expected or something that you thought it might be worth. You really need to have a good agent that’s going to help you keep your emotions in check. The best advice I can give is just treated it like a business decision and keep your emotions in check. Listen to your agent, they are the expert.

    Presenting Your Home

    Getting ready to market your home.

    What this means is your house is going to look a lot better once there’s less stuff in it and once you depersonalize it. So what you need to do is either put those items in your garage or storage area or rent a little storage unit so we can present your home in the best light. But while your house is on the market you need to basically depersonalize the house take down personal photos maybe memorabilia sets stuff like that kind of really makes the house your own you need to get rid of that and then kind of pre packet some items. Like the kitchen for example. If you’re not going to use it on a daily basis or even if you are going to use it like a toaster or coffee maker put them away when people come to look at the house and get everything off the counters in the kitchen make it as clean as possible or just get rid of it. We offer several staging options and can get you access to stagers and designers who can make your home shine. Presenting your home to sell works!

    Tours of Your Home

    How do potential buyers view your home? Agents set up Tours of Your Home.

    Alright, so how do people get inside your house and how do you get all this figured out? I have a key box I’m going to put on your front door so agents can only access your home between certain times or if you know that you’re going to be gone during the day because you’re at work between certain hours we could set up any notes that we want. So we could say for example from 8:00 to 5:00 when you’re at work you could tell agents you can come anytime you want between those hours. All you need to do is call and let me know and we’ll set up a time that works. Remember you need to be flexible to allow people to view your home. The key to the story here be flexible! You want as many Tours of Your Home!

    Get your home ready to sell first.

    Need to sell before you can buy your next house? That’s going to a thing called a contingent offer comes into play. Its Buying/Selling at the same time. The contingent offer basically means once you find the house that you want to buy you have 5 days to list your current house for sale. A mistake that a lot of sellers make is they get too excited and they want to do the fun part which is searching for that next house before they even have their house ready to go ready for sale. So what you need to do is step back get your home ready to sell so you when you find that perfect home you can use those 5 days to get it on the market right away because you’re not a time crunch. then you will be confident that your house is going to tell a story the best it possibly can.

    Discount Brokers

    Learn more about Discount Brokers in this video. Did you know only about 30% of all sellers use a discount broker? There are reasons why.

    “You get what you pay for.” There are plenty of discount brokers out there. But there are also undoubtedly some who go the discount route because they can’t compete on customer service, negotiation, or some other critical component of the home-buying or home-selling process.

    Traditionally commissions are structured as generally a 6 percent commission with the listing and selling agents splitting that evenly. If you rebate or do a lower commission structure you need to be concerned. Although their high tech and all that stuff they don’t necessarily always negotiate the best so although you might be saving percent or even a few thousand dollars you might be losing tens of thousands more than that in the negotiations. So that’s just something to keep in mind.

    Now the other option is for sale by owner. I would never recommend doing it for sale by owner and not just because I want to get paid or anything like that. You really just need to be careful to know what’s going on with legal ramifications of going it on your own.

    Home Selling Guide