Real Estate Advocacy

Why Having a Real Estate Advocate Matters

Having a real estate advocate that represents your needs and advocates your best interests is absolutely vital to navigating the home-buying process.

Who’s Looking Out for Your best Interests?

A common misconception when buying new construction is that it’s easier (and cheaper) to work with an agent that represents your builder than to seek out an external real estate agent. Frequently well-intended builders will claim it’s cheaper and more convenient to work with their agents. They’ll also claim that having an outside agent will just complicate things. But while working with an agent who is connected with the builders may have its advantages, homebuyers are often left wishing they had sought out outside representation.

This is because agents who represent a builder typically have preexisting relationships with said builders and thus are more focused on maintaining their relationship with that builder than advocating for your needs. They want you to have an overall good experience, but their interests lie in pleasing the builder.

If the production timelines are extended or materials are changed, you won’t have adequate representation to give you a voice. Agents with the builder’s best interests in mind may also urge you into investing in upgrades and other add-on’s that you really may not need.

Additionally, working with a builder’s agent doesn’t actually save you any money. There’s a 3% building advocate fee built into the cost of building a home in Bonney Lake. This fee goes to the real estate agent who would be able to advocate for the client during the building and purchasing process. But even when clients don’t elect to use this resource, the builders still collect the same amount of money, and they pocket that 3% fee. 

That means that clients who think they are “saving” by going with a builder’s agent are just using a service they’ve already paid for. There is no incentive on behalf of the builders or their agents to look out for your needs.

That’s why having an external real estate advocate who puts your interests and happiness first is vital to the building process. A real estate advocate invests in you and advocates on your behalf from start to finish.

Your local Real Estate Advocate:

– Keeps builders accountable to production schedules and move-in timelines.

– Manages expectations and communicates with builders directly.

– Ensures that your home is build up to code and industry standards.

– Shows you around the community and helps you get acquainted with the area.

– Helps you build the best home to fit your needs.

– Arranges travel and accommodation when you come to Bonney Lake.

“We believe that you’ve got to take a moment and make sure you’ve got your own representation, your own agent, and your own advocate for your best interests.”
David Sturm, Your Local Independent Real Estate Advocate specializing in Bonney Lake

Dave Sturm: Your Local Independent Real Estate Advocates in Bonney Lake

At Sturm Property Group our number one priority is you. Throughout the building and home buying process it is our mission to advocate for your best interests.

As residents of this amazing community Dave and Karen are your knowledge local resources and treasured friends in Bonney Lake. They provide you with insights to the community and intimate knowledge of the home buying process.

Throughout the process they will help you craft a home that suits your needs. They’ll communicate with builders, manage expectations, and explain the process as it unfolds.


David and Karen
“David was able to be our advocate when we would speak with the builders. If we had questions, concerns, if we needed updates and they weren’t coming fast enough, David  is willing to reach out multiple times until we got the answers we needed.”
Jon, Resident

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