convenient virtual walk-throughs

Can’t make the in-person walk through? No Problem.

Virtual Walk-throughs

Come on a walk-through inspection with David at one of our new constructions in Trilogy.

This new home was constructed at Shea homes in Trilogy at Bonney Lake WA, one of villages here. The owners, Bill and Nancy, will be moving in from California once construction is complete. 

Typically, new home owners will go on a pre-drywall walk-through to get a sense of the property. Unfortunately, because of COVID restrictions Bill and Nancy were unable to come for the in person walk-through. In response, we set up a virtual walk-through for them to get a sense of the space and construction. 

As COVID-19 regulations continue to change, we remain dedicated to providing you the same level of flexibility and care as Bill and Nancy. If you can’t make your walk-through, we will set up a similar virtual tour for you. 

Virtual tours typically last between a half hour to one hour. During this time, we will walk you through your future home. You’ll see the layout of rooms and spaces before the drywall goes up. The builders will also verify plumbing and electrical options with you. 

During the building process you will have made decisions about design selections and appliances. Your builder will be provided a copy of this. During the walk-through, you’ll get to visual where those items will be located, including sinks, fixtures, and light switches. 

With virtual walk-throughs you are involved throughout the process, no matter where you are.

About the Builder: Shea

Shea is one of the incredibly skilled builders at Bonney Lake. Shea is an exceptional and bright builder whose reach extends far beyond the Bonney Lake area. A privately owned homebuilder, Shea is an established builder with over 130 years of in the industry. It has been involved in such historical construction endeavors as the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. Shea brings that same ingenuity and creativity to every home they build.