Schools in Bonney Lake WA

Elementary Schools

Elementary Schools at Bonney Lake

Bonney Lake features two on-site elementary schools that provide ease of assess to you and your children. Explore what each of our amazing local schools have to offer! Both schools are part of the Sumner School District, which is continually ranked in the top 12% of all school districts throughout Washington State.

Donald Eismann Elementary School

“Home of the Explorers”

13802 Canyon View Blvd. E, Bonney Lake, WA, 98391 253-891-4500 Established in 2010, Donald Eismann Elementary School is an award-winning learning institution that encourages 500 students every year to cultivate curiosity, creativity, and love for life. This property is surrounded by a beautiful wooded area that sparks the imagination and spirit of play within each child who attends.
Awards and Recognitions Locally: In 2016 and 2017 Donald Eismann Elementary School was named  “Best Elementary School” by South Sound Magazine. Recently, the school has been praised for the consistently exemplary science schools of the 5th grade class. Statewide: Donald Eismann Elementary is continually praised for its academic prestige, and is ranked in the top 20% of all elementary schools in the state.

Tehaleh Heights Elementary

 “Home of the Trailblazers”

 15720 Berkeley Parkway East, Bonney Lake, WA, 98931 253-891-6530 Tehaleh Heights Elementary is the newest on-site elementary school. Constructed in 2018, Tehaleh Heights Elementary continues Sumner School District’s reputation of academic excellence. Situated near Meadow Park, Tehaleh Heights Elementary occupies 14 acres in the center the community. Everything from the classrooms to the common spaces has been been designed to facilitate hands-on learning and growing opportunities. Tehaleh Heights was created to satisfy the needs of the growing population and to continue to foster excellence in the students within our community. Check out the video above from students about what hey love about Tehaleh Heights Elementary!  

Trail Talks at Bonney Lake

Join Dave as they provide a virtual two of both Tehaleh Heights Elementary and Donald Eismann Elementary. Tehaleh Heights Elementary in just one of 5 planned school construction on-site. These schools will be distributed evening on both the Sumner and Orting Schools districts based on their locations in Bonney Lake.