Why Choose a Local Agent

Feb 5, 2020 | Real Estate

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1 Relationships in the community we serve. We tour together, we work together and often we get familiar with each other’s work ethic and communication styles. These relationships matter to the sale or purchase of your home 2 Contacts. When you work with a local agent you get all their local contacts.

From electricians to housekeepers to handyman, as locals, we got your back because we have people that have our back. 3 Insider tips. As Bonney Lake insiders we know what the day-to-day life looks like here on the plateau. Traffic, summer events, neighborhoods, parks, schools, and people. The inside information we have as neighbors in your city helps us tell the story of your home to the buyers moving into the market and their agents who might not be from here. 4. We are physically here.

When you’re home need someone to turn on the sprinklers, lock a door, pull in a package off the doorstep, meat a buyer for a showing, meet a handyman, we are here in the neighborhood to be the boots on the ground and protect your interest every step of the way. 5) Local market facts and trends.

Every area has its nuances, when buyers are super active, areas that are growing or stagnant. Hiring local will be a big part of ensuring you get the most knowledgeable agent by your side so you don’t leave money on the table. Need more information? 206-965-0367 david@sturmpropertygroup.com