Fun informative video’s about living in Bonney Lake.

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Join us for virtual hikes. Each Trail Talk allows you to find out what it’s like to live here in this amazing community near Bonney Lake. We will be sharing our insights and knowledge about Bonney Lake in a fun and entertaining way. We will be highlighting local businesses, things to do in the area in the people who live and work here in the area. We hope you enjoy these Trail Talks and can join us here often.

Watch our Trail Talks – Living at Trilogy. We love where we live here in Trilogy. Our reasons for living here are very much like yours. The peace and tranquility of living in a forest within a community that has so much to offer drew us here a year ago for a visit. Now we live here and want to share what it’s like with you. If you are considering moving here as well, we can show you around. Check out this Trail Talk. We would love to get to know you!

So in this Trail Talk in Bonney Lake, is it the local Tamale? What does that mean? We offer our trick to remembering how to say it plus what a “Carin” is and why you see them everywhere. We answer your question about our accents and Karen does her best impressions. To hear Karen do her many other impressions reach out to us and come visit us, we’d love to get to know you!

Trilogy has Seven Summits Lodge where homeowners come together to enjoy a range of activities, events, and amenities. The Seven Summits Lodge is home to The Mantel Culinary Ascent restaurant, a fitness studio, a sports escape with pool tables and flat-screen TVs, a game room with poker tables, a culinary studio with cooking demonstrations and classes, an indoor lap pool that transforms into a meeting space, and more. In this Trail Talk, we will be exploring Seven Summits Lodge and what it has to offer.

In this Trail Talk, Karen does an Afturburn Class. There are so many opportunities to stay active at Seven Summits Lodge here in Trilogy. From pickleball to trail hikes there is something for everyone. For those into fitness classes, Karen gives you her insights into an AfturBurn class offered here that she loves. It’s a circuit type class where they place a monitor on you so you can track your fitness levels.

This Trail Talk is about the nearby White River & Crystal Mountain. So many fun things to see and do nearby. Not the least of which is Mt. Rainer and Crystal Mountain. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the beauty of the White River while on your way to its headwaters at Mt. Rainer. Join us for a quick hike while we tell you all about our day trip. The gondola ride at Crystal Mountain and lunch at The Summit House Restaurant itself are worth the trip! You never know what you’ll see!

When you first arrive to Bonney Lake you will see The Post. The Post is the perfect gathering place for the community where you meet helpful staff ready to share information on the community. Its a place where you can meet up at the main trailhead for a hike, and catch up with friends at Caffé D’arte inside. Enjoy breathtaking views and fresh offerings at the café which adds an extra element of community. Meet us here for more insights into what it’s like living here and for a tour.

So in this Trail Talk we talk about what to do with all your stuff. Whether you are downsizing or “right-sizing” many of our clients ask us for recommendations on what to do with all their stuff. Keep it, sell it, store it, donate it or even auction it. We found one solution that might work best!

Join Karen as she explores blackberry pickin’. The trails are abundant in them throughout the 20+ miles of tails.

This Trail Talk is about parks & more parks! It’s an overview of the more than 10 parks within the over 1,800 acres of park, open spaces and 20+ miles of trails running through the community. Each park is purpose-built in its own way and offers neighbors safe and fun places to enjoy nature, the great outdoors in an active and fun way.

In this Trail Talk, we go for a nice walk. Fall is here! So many fun activities in the area to enjoy the season for any age! This is a nice Fall Walk with a list of our favorite local attractions we recommend.

This Trail Talk explores the question; Where is Bonney Lake Anyway? It’s the best of the Puget Sound with a small-town feeling with access to the big city. Come and give yourself some space without sacrificing convenience. Where is Bonney Lake Anyway? Its many places to dine, shop, work and run errands. Surrounded by towns like Enumclaw, Sumner, Puyallup and Buckley plus Tacoma and Seattle are close by.

Today’s Trail Talk is a visit to Spooner Farms. We love the nearby Orting Valley and Fall time at Spooner Farms has become a family tradition there. This 6th generation farm has 47 varieties of pumpkins, gourds, and squash– both edible and ornamental this time of year. Get lost in their giant themed corn maze, watch the kids race at “Spooner Speedway”, nosh on homemade caramel apples, check out the animals, get crafty in the activity barn, or yell “Pumpkins Away!” at their original pumpkin slingshots.

In this Trail Talk, we talk about the Local Schools. Five additional school sites (serving kindergarten through 12th grade) have been planned for the community. Tehaleh Heights Elementary and Donald Eismann Elementary are designed and built with STEM education in mind. The state-of-the-art classrooms and indoor/outdoor spaces promise innovative, hands-on learning experiences for its students.

Today Katie joins us for our Trail Talk. Katie has worked at Seven Summits Lodge at Bonney Lake for several years and shares a little about herself plus gives us insights into what it is like working at the Lodge within Trilogy. She is the Concierge Supervisor but also helps with new member orientations and even works shifts in the Mantel Restaurant. While Seven Summits Lodge is exclusive to Trilogy residents, any resident can contact the Lodge to book event space for weddings, rehearsal dinners, holiday parties and more. Thanks, Katie!

Today’s Trail Talk is a Winter Walk. Every day is another day to discover something amazing. The change in seasons is even more magical here as you explore the trails and parks that are right outside your doorstep. Join us for a quick winter walk through the winter wonderland here.

Join us on another Trail Talk as Karen has a conversation with Cristina Groven with Cristina’s Critter Care and Tails Pet Resort. This local business has been a staple of the community for years as Christina was not only one of the residents here in the area but one of the first home businesses as well.

About April Blais Lead Training and Owner – The Training Station: I began my fitness journey several years ago after my third child. Like many people, I was intimidated by the big box gyms and needed guidance and motivation from a personal trainer. It was the best decision I ever made. Since then I have discovered a passion for fitness and self-improvement that has truly been life-changing.

Join us on today’s walk with another resident who has a local business here called Neighborhood Home Inspections Very aptly named as John has been in the  neighborhood for many years now and is even an ambassador for the community here. Learn more about that and how John is helping more and more people more aware of what they are actually buying.

About Bern & Sandy Kurtz We retired in 2014 and spent the year traveling and trying to decide what to do next with our lives. We love travel and talking about travel, so when we discovered Cruise Planners and everything they offered to a franchise, it became very clear what we would do next.

Pickleball is actually the fastest growing sport in the United States. Find out for yourself how fun it can be in this quick informative Trail Talk – Lets Play Pickleball!

Join us on our Trail Talk for a quick tour of Bonney Lake, Washington to get a better sense of all the retail, medical, and city services abundant here in our neighborhood.

Trail Talk – Richard Morris – FireWise | TERT Special thanks to Richard for all of your dedication to keeping our community safe.

Dave Peace with the ARC. Karen had a great walk with Dave Peterson to share some helpful information about the ARC and how this important committee helps ensure we all have a beautiful community to call home. Dave and his wife Sandy, who is chairperson of the Welcome Committee, are huge contributors to our wonderful community of Trilogy. THANK YOU!

Trail Talk  – Meet Mark with the ARC. Karen had a great walk with Mark Iodice to share some helpful information about the ARC and how this important committee helps ensure we all have a beautiful community to call home. Mark and his wife Lynn are happy to call Trilogy home. In addition to his volunteering with the ARC Mark enjoys working at Tacoma Dodge! So check him out there too!

Trail Talk – Sara Jahnke Owner of Wild By Nature Sara Jahnke is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) who helps busy men and women resolve their digestive distress, improve hormone balance and naturally increase their energy levels through the use of real foods and healthy lifestyle changes.

We hope you can tell we like to have fun. Hope you will enjoy our slip-ups, outtakes, and miss-steps we had while filming our Trail Talks. We enjoy putting these together and hope they are helpful. Of course, the information and opinions in our videos are ours alone and not guaranteed as accurate. We are not endorsed by nor paid by Newland or any builder. We are just trying to share what it’s like living here, provide insights to the people who live and work in the community, and answer questions we and our friends had when deciding if moving here was the right move.

On this Trail Talk, we explore more reasons to live here in Bonney Lake. Karen shares here lastest experience at an “Active Learners Class”. Just one of many activities offered to residents of the local area. Plus; moving to the area, has many benefits, so before you visit, give us a call to learn what it is like living here. Many residents here wish they knew so much more than they did.

Today on Trail Talks we meet the builder in Trilogy  and visit with BreAnn who runs things for Shea Homes the largest builder in the local area and the exclusive builder for Trilogy.

Before we bought a 🏡 Home – We contacted Sturm Property Group is Bill and Nancy’s story of how they found their dream home in Trilogy in Bonney Lake, WA.

Meet our neighbor Christie with The Pet Knot on this Trail Talk.

What to Expect Living in Trilogy with Jerry & Kim on our Trail Talk is an insider’s look at what it’s really like living in this amazing 55+ active adult community in Bonney Lake, WA.

Join us for a Trail Talk as Karen walks and talks with co-owners Kendra Harrington and sister Randi Baker, who along with Randi’s husband Jameson operate the 21-and-older-only Glow Martini Lounge 🍸 and restaurant in Bonney Lake just outside.

Join us for a walk and Discover Hops n Drops Frozen taps and Shots. Meet Kevin our neighbor with Hops n Drops on this Trail Talk. Frozen taps, Drinks served in ice, quality menu items, growlers, and more. Did you know the first Hops n Drops was opened right here in Bonney Lake?

On this Trail Talk, Karen discovers there is more to Rachelle than just being the owner of one of the largest and fastest real estate brokerages in Washington. She is also an active member of the Bonney Lake community, mother of 3, and an avid mountaineer. Walk along with Rachelle and Karen on the trails and get to know which mountains she has climbed figuratively and literally.

Check out our neighbor with a “wealth” of knowledge on our Trail Talk. We talk about money matters with Alan as he is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Washington. He loves coming to work every day because it’s his job to help successful people create a financial plan, so they can find more time to enjoy life. Taking the responsibility of retirement planning off his clients’ shoulders is something he takes very seriously.