Tehaleh Real Estate Market Update

Apr 11, 2022 | Real Estate

Bonney Lake Real Estate, WA – April Week 2

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Hi, welcome to our money market update live from Tehaleh and Bonney Lake, Washington. My name is David Sturm, and I’m a local real estate agent here that works the entire Bonnie Lake market from the lake to the plateau. I bought here myself in the master plan community of Tehaleh a few years ago. So I always advise my clients.

You might want to reach out to a local agent, whether that’s me or not before you step into Tehaleh or the general Bonney Lake area. It’s a unique market. And if you’re thinking about moving here and selling now, you want to have a local agent who will be your advocate for you.

I’d love to show you around the community and give you my insights; contact us, and I’d be glad to meet you here at the lodge or down at cafe Dante and show you around.

And my insider knowledge of the local builders here will be invaluable to you. Check out my YouTube channel Our trail talks in Tehaleh or very insightful. Give you a real insider’s look at what it’s really like living here.

And if you reach out to me, I’ll tell you the secret to finding a home here in a Bonney Lake market.

Tehaleh Real Estate Market Tip

It’s always good to give the builders a heads up. Suppose You’re thinking about moving in here. There’s only one builder that’s left. That does not do the bidding process, but once they are released, some of the homes now are, there are no bids, so they’re available to purchase first-come, first-serve, but keep that in mind that there’s some softening as we see inventory slowly increased, but nowhere near where it was even a year ago here in the market.

Know that you’ve got to have a local agent to help you navigate the whole thing, do not visit before you reach out to me. I have my eyes and ears on the ground and assist you and not waste a lot of time and money wandering around this community and figuring out what homes are available and what isn’t.

I see lots of people just driving around and looking. And I know that they’re just spinning their wheels because you’ve got to have somebody to advocate for you and figure this all out. It’s, getting more and more complicated and more and more competitive as the market heats up here a little bit for the summer.

We are excited to get into the summer season here. Reach out to me. I’d love to show you around and give you an insider’s look at what it’s like living here. Call me, and I’ll give you the secret to what it’s like living here and how to get a home in this market.

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