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Going West

Why People From All Over are Coming to Tehaleh

Making the Leap

Are you from New York or Philadelphia looking to move out west?

You’re not alone.

Many people and their families make the trek out west every year.

There are a lot of reasons you may be looking to move. Maybe you’re seeking more rural spaces to raise your family. Perhaps you’ve got a new job out this way and need to find somewhere to live. Maybe you’ve finally retired and are looking for a change.

Or maybe it’s something else.

This past year Americans moved more than ever before.

Whatever your reasons for making the leap, you’ll find an amazing home and community in Tehaleh in Bonney Lake, Washington.

Why Washington?

Washington is home to some of the most beautiful natural spaces in the country.

We have it all here: deserts, valley, mountains, even temperate rain forests.

The outdoor potential here is limitless, and the people are warm and inviting.

Washington boasts a diverse population and thriving musical and cultural scene. Each city and town brims with vibrancy, history, and life.

Find out if Tehaleh is right for you!

Explore Sturm Property Group’s Youtube Channel. There you will find tons of helpful information about Bonney Lake, Tehaleh, and life in the Pacific Northwest

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The Draw of Tehaleh in Bonney Lake

Tehaleh, located in Bonney Lake, is the perfect place to call home. Tehaleh is one of the fastest growing communities in the state. Nationally recognized builders are a permanent fixture in Tehaleh, crafting homes that inspire and that are tailor made to you.

There are many amenities at Tehaleh that make life incredible, including over 30 miles of hiking trails, a business park, schools, and more. Donald Eismann Elementary School is one of the best in the state. 

Tehaleh’s location in Bonney Lake is the best of both worlds. Bonney Lake is rural enough to give you space to breath and relax, but offers a variety of entertainment options that keep things interesting. Bonney Lake enjoys dazzling views of Mount Rainier, Washington’s largest mountain. 

Geographically, Bonney Lake is within an hour of both Seattle and Tacoma, two destination cities here in Washington. You’ll have the ability to explore the world famous Pike’s Place Market, or take a walk across Tacoma’s Glass Bridge.

Why Sturm?

David and Karen Sturm are your on-the-ground Tehaleh experts. As residents of the community themselves, Dave and Karen have the knowledge and expertise to offer invaluable information and insight on the building process, community, and lifestyle at Tehaleh.

As your real estate advocates, David and Karen work to make sure that your voice is heard from start to finish.

When you work with Sturm Property Group you not only get real estate advocates, but gain lasting friendships. David and Karen will take you around the city, show you the best dining and entertainment spots, and truly invest in showing you why Bonney Lake is such an amazing place to call home.

If you’re ready to take the leap and dive in, give us a call Sturm Property Group a call today!