5 Reasons People Love Living in Tehaleh

May 17, 2022 | Real Estate

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I’m going to get into a few things today about the market but then tell you the five top reasons people love living in Tehaleh

Market Update for Bonney Lake and Tahaleh

Right now we’ve got 77 active homes, of which 35 are resales. We’re seeing a local uptick in inventory. 

They’re selling out the northernmost section in Eagle Ridge and Tidy Ridge. There is another 55 and older type development being built in Tehaleh too. 

There was one home that went for sale as an off-market deal. A small little duet that sold for $560,000. That gives you some idea of the price points here.

Some of the smaller homes here in Trilogy are going for $550 to $650, but a majority of them are above $650 to $750 even, over the $850 depending on the size of the house. 

But anyway half of the resales in the Bonney Lake area are under $600,000. Three of the resales went for over a million dollars. 

There’s actually some land within Tehaleh that’s available so if you’re a developer, reach out for more information. 

There are 23 sales last week. The highest one was a $1.175 million, four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath, 3,800 square foot home here in Tehaleh.

There are 245 sales pending, and we know that most of those are new construction. Only 65 of those are resales. 

The Top Five Reasons People Love Living in Tehaleh

Community and Life

The number one reason people love living in Tehaleh WA is the community and life. It really is unique here. It’s a very safe community. The neighborhoods are so defined.

You’re going to know your neighbors. One of the drawbacks of Tehaleh is there are not big yards. Houses are very close together here. But they’ve taken all the green space out of the backyards and side yards and they put them into the trails and the parks and the public spaces all over here Tehaleh. 

The lifestyle really is very neighbor-friendly. You get to know your neighbors and there are lots of activities and community events that go on. There are Facebook pages and groups for every type of activity you want to do.

If you’re in Tehaleh and Trilogy Tehaleh, we have a clubhouse here that is very busy. Everything from hiking and sewing, to pickleball and golf. 

The sense of community is what really draws people here the most.

Close to Nature

The second reason that people love living in Tehaleh is that it’s close to nature.

It is on the gateway into Mount Rainier national forest. WA 410 runs just above Tehaleh and takes you right into the Mount Rainier recreational area. So it’s only an hour to the mountains. 

Lake Tapps is a fun place to hang out. With golf courses and lots of boating, from paddleboards to kayaks. 

When there are no clouds and light pollution you can sit in the backyard and look at the stars and mountains. You’re so close to nature out here. 

They’ve really intertwined nature within the community because of all the trails. There are 50 miles of trails and over a dozen parks.

Close to the City

Tehaleh is only an hour from Seattle. The airport is 45 minutes away. Tacoma is about 30 minutes away. 

So it’s very much like living in a forest but close enough to the city for day trips. 

The Sounder train runs out of Sumner, which is just down the hill from Tehaleh and Bonnie lake. You can take that connector all the way up through Seattle or down to Portland. They’re expanding that all the time too.

There is plenty of shopping around too. There’s a Lowe’s, a Home Depot, and a Costco 10 minutes away. Kohl’s is coming into the Bonney Lake area. New restaurants are opening up all the time. There’s South Hill Mall nearby. You’re only a half-hour from any type of shopping. 

The Temperate Climate

If you’re sweltering under the heat somewhere you’ll love living in Tehaleh.

I’m from the Midwest. So I always say they can keep all the humidity and all the heat back there in the Midwest. And I don’t have to live in the snow for four or five months a year. 

The climate here is very agreeable. It doesn’t rain as much as people say, and it is a misty type of rain so we don’t walk around with umbrellas here. We just deal with the weather as it happens and we don’t let it dampen our spirits (pun intended.) 

Multi-generational living

People like the fact that a lot of grandparents are moving in because their kids and grandkids live nearby.

A lot of seniors that are in the community are living in the 55 and older Trilogy community. And Tehaleh in general is a very family-friendly environment. 

For aging in place, Wesley has three different levels of care available. It’s not a nursing home but it’s very much an integral part of the retirement community. 

Those are the top five reasons why people love living here in Tehaleh.

If you’re thinking about living here and please reach out to me. I’d love to meet you to show you around. Give me a call at 206-965-0367.