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Home is in Cascadia Bonney Lake Area.

Cascadia, Bonney Lake is the perfect community for residents to learn, explore, and thrive.

Find your ideal home today.

Whether you’re relocating to Washington or a Pacific North Wesbt (PNW) native, finding the perfect place to settle down can be hard. You want space to be active, gather, settle in, and spread out. You want somewhere with opportunties for your community to thrive, whether that’s in the classroom, on the field, or exploring beautiful Bonney Lake.

Homes in Cascadia, the Bonney Lake can offer all that and more. 

Explore all that Cascadia, in Bonney Lake area has to offer

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Parks and Trails

Bonney Lake is home to 13 parks and over 20 miles of trails and wooded area. Explore Hounds Hollow, Sprouts Holler, Forest Park and more. It is the perfect place to play outside and explore what the Great Outdoors has to offer.

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Excellent Education

There are many great schools, K-12, around Bonney Lake and the surrounding area. Explore your options, and highly acclaimed Donald Eismann Elementary School!

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Affordable Homes

don’t break the bank. Cottages and townhomes are perfect for any resident. With beautiful designs and open floor plans these new construction cottages are the perfect way to experience Cascadia, and the Bonney Lake area inWashing State.

Who We Are

I am David, your neighbor, your friend, your real estate agent, and friendly neighborhood home expert in Cascadia. Are you interested in moving to the Bonney Lake area in Washing State (WA)?

We’re here (me and my team) to help you find your dream home. We communicate with builders, show you around, and help you understand the process, start to finish.

Tehaleh Dream Home

Quality Design

A community can only be as great at its builders. Thankfully, Cascadia’s and Bonney Lakes  home’s are built by some of the best, brightest, and most innovative builders in the country. Trust that your home was built by the best. Meet the builders that make Tehaleh home.